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We offer clients a full range of services, including lucrative fighting opportunities, sponsorships, commission compliance, career guidance and much more.

Our Vision

Italian Top Fighters Management is a mixed martial arts management. We offer clients a full range of services, including lucrative fighting opportunities, sponsorships, commission compliance, career guidance and much more. At Italian Top Fighters Management, we think that our fighters should only focus on training and winning fights while we handle everything else.

We understand each fighter has individual needs and wants and we use a marketing approach to build each fighter’s brand to match their personality. We provide them with the best opportunities during their fight careers.

We try to build something that never existed in Italy so far: a very focused MMA Fighters Agency!



Our Fighters

This is our roster of MMA Fighters

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Giorgio “Italian Bear” Pietrini

Giorgio Pietrini is from Livorno, he’s 26 years old and actually one of the best welterweight in Italy! Giorgio is a very complete fighter with an excellent striking game and incredible skills in grappling. He has a Sherdog record of 13-4-1! (more…)

Stefano Paternò

Stefano Paternò is from Milano, he is only 22 years old, with a great Pro record of 10-2-1.  Stefano is acknowledged as one of the most important Italian prospect pound for pound, his skills are growing bout after bout. (more…)

Federico “Fortigno” Mini

Federico Mini is the best featherweight in Italy today. He trains in California (USA), Holland and in his native city Rimini. He has a perfect record of 6-0 and he is the reigning featherweight champion of Venator Fighting Championship!


Pietro Penini

Pietro Penini is a middleweight fighter with an undefeated Sherdog record of 6-1-1-1NC. He is the actual Venator Middleweight Champion. He is growing a lot and has not yet shown all his potential and all his skills despite his impressive record! (more…)

Manolo “Angelo Veneziano” Zecchini

Manolo Zecchini, only 21 years old, is very young and the best lightweight prospect in Italy. He already has a 5-1 PRO record on Sherdog with a fight in Brasil and another one at Venator 3, all finished before the limit.


Alessandro “The Bad” Botti

Alessandro Botti is an absolute veteran of the Italian MMA scene but many people forget that he is only 29 years old. He has a 14-8 PRO record on Sherdog, he competed in different weight classes during his carrier but now he is focused on the lightweight division.


Ashley “Little King” Rosi

Ashley Rosi is a second generation fighter. At 21 years old he already has 6 professional fights and he is the current SLAM FC featherweight champion!


Marco Saccaro

Marco Saccaro is a welterweight fighter from Livorno. He has an incredible KO power in his hands and a Sherdog record of 5-1 with four KO in the very first round! (more…)

Angelo Rubino

Angelo Rubino is from Matera, he is 29 years old, with a Sherdog Pro record of 6-3-1NC. He is part of Team Rubino in Verona (Italy).  Rubino  is know as one of the toughest welterweight Italian fighter pound for pound, a guarantee of exciting and tough fights. (more…)

Daniele “The Cyborg” Miceli

Daniele “The Cyborg” Miceli, he is only 29 years old, he is a lightweight with a professional record of 7-3, he is from Lamezia Terme, Italy. He competed in big organization like Bellator and Venator FC .  Daniele is acknowledged as one most well rounded Italian fighters. (more…)

Mattia “Molòn Labè” Galbiati

Mattia Galbiati is from Inverigo, Como, he is 31 years old, with a Sherdog Pro record of 3-3. He competed at Cage Warriors and Venator. He is a Judo Black Belt and it was part of Italian National Team, he is also a fighter in Sport Sambo and Combat Sambo where he won 2 gold medals at European Union Sambo Cup 2017.  (more…)

Francesco “The Berserker” Nuzzi

Francesco Nuzzi is from Altamura, Bari, he is a very young athlete and one of the best Italian prospect in the bantamweight division, he is 21 years old, with a Sherdog Pro record of 5-1. He competed in some regional events in Italy and also in China. He started practicing martial arts since he was a child and he has only one goal in mind, to reach the highest level possible in MMA.


Andrea “Il Barbaro” Fusi

Andrea Fusi is from Como, Italy, It is one of the toughest and combative fighter in the welterweight division, he is 26 years old, with a Sherdog Pro record of 4-3. He graduated in physical education and also a personal trainer and a strength & conditioning coach, he has a past in rowing but then fell in love with MMA and now his only goal is to be the best in Mixed Martial Arts world.



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How can you not rate 5 stars the man that did so much for MMA in Italy? Good luck my friend!

Matteo Capodaglio, Pharm. D.

The obvious choice for Italian fighters who want to reach the top of the sport!

Jason Manly

Alex ha 3 doti che lo rendono più unico che raro nel mondo delle MMA: avere un’ottima visione di insieme, essere sempre un passo avanti della maggior parte degli addetti ai lavori e avere la grinta di portare avanti le sue battaglie.

Alex has 3 gifts that make him one of a kind in the world of MMA: he sees the bigger picture, he is always one step ahead of most of the insiders and he has an endless determination in fighting his battles.

Our Crew

This is our crew.

Alex Dandi

  • Owner of Italian Top Fighters Management
  • Play-by-play Announcer at FOX Sports Italia
  • Consultant & Editor at Ufc
  • Italian Fighting Championship Co-Owner and Matchmaker
  • Former Executive Director at MMA Supershow Magazine
  • Former Play-by-play Announcer at Sky Italia

Kamil Werno

  • MMA Agent for Poland and Eastern Europe

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